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As you’ve seen, My name is James Booysen. 

Born in South Africa, a Place called Louisvale. Am involve in a few businesses and on my way to Greatness. In this I do my best to share with you what I have, hoping that it will add to what you already have. Enjoy every moment, hope we can be friends for ever.

When faced with challenges, each of us have a different approach. Question; when you are in that space, what do you do you do? In days like these everyone is challenged, that’s why me, you are here. We are looking for a way to get over the hurdle of making extra cash.
Question; are you serious to make a difference? Are you serious to take that step towards a new beginning?

The choice:

Every one of us has to make a choice. Do I look for a job or do I start my own business.

A Job or Career:

Being in a Job is somehow secure knowing that you have that surety, for as long as I work, I must get paid. During the current times it is something that is unstable, but as long as I work I know I have surety. Then you have the issue of pay raise and promotion, but this is all part of the package. Some have benefits at work and that give the package an extra boost.

We start spending and soon we find our salary not being enough to cater for all our needs. We start, some of us, looking for ways of making extra money. That by itself is another challenge.

They start well and for a period all goes well. The challenge however, everything need time and effort. All part of the equation.

Faced with these challenges we find ourselves infringed with what we do that we don’t have enough time. This is a commodity that we unfortunately have to trade because we only get so many hours to do what we want to do. We have to do something during our spare time. If there is family involve we often struggle with TIME.

How to use our Productive Time Well

  1. Set goals correctly. Set goals that are achievable and measurable.
  2. Prioritize wisely. Prioritize tasks based on importance and urgency.
  3. Set a time limit to complete a task.
  4. Take a break between tasks.
  5. Organize yourself.
  6. Remove non-essential tasks/activities.
  7. Plan ahead.

How long should you wait before making a decision?

Sometimes you need to take a break to think things through. Wait a day, let your opinions settle, and then move forward. But for the most part, your decisions shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes. It’s unlikely you’ll get enough meaningful data to make the perfect decision.

This is a story for another day.

A Business:

Starting a business is another challenge. There are many things to consider.  It is like building a house or any other premises. You need a plan. Besides that, there are many components that you need to take into consideration. There is the issue of the Foundation; if it is not strong enough might be that the building will not last long. Same in a business, if your foundation is not strong it might fail long before it could yield a profit. Cost of starting one is sometimes extreme, but it worthwhile having one. Yes you have to put in more energy than anyone else. More than in a normal job. This is for those who love what they do. The building blocks are different from those of a job. There are no guarantees, sometime no salary to look forward to. This is a lonely road that not all of us are willing to trot on. It’s often called the road less travelled on. The reward is amazing for those who persevere.

The Franchise, just another type of business:

This type is somehow more secure. They have a proven plan that work for who ever want it. You however have to pay to be part of it. The start up cost is high and some have royalties that you need to pay monthly. For those who want readymade, this tend to be a good business, though expensive.


Whatever we start, we need someone to lead the way. We start our career after we studied the path we want to take. If you want to start today, what would your choice be? If you want to make extra to supplement what you currently earn, what would your choice be? We look for a path that others have walked. We look for help from those who have made it.

We don’t need to invent a new wheel; we build on what’s already there. We are just as guides in this big world, trying to show a path we’ve taken and found success. The choice belongs to those who yearn to walk the same path as we do. We can show you the way; we cannot guarantee that you will succeed. To succeed in anything, that is personal. It’s like two man driving the same car, one never take full advantage of the potential of the car, while the other do. Success belongs to those who want it and are willing to pay the price to get it. It will never come easy to those who are calling on it, it always have that bragging attitude. You have to be eager and willing to get it.

That is why you need a Teacher, a mentor to help you on your way to success.

In the end, you are the one who must turn the key. You are the one who must open the door. It will never happen by itself. We are faced with so many choices, so many invitations. Everyone tell you this is the one, but you have to sit and analyze the all. You have to make your choice as to where you are going from here.

The term “big rocks” describes important undertakings that are easily crowded out by all of the other things we feel we need to get done during the day. Big rocks often include thinking strategically about our careers, making a long-term financial plan, protecting our health, making progress on a large project, learning a new skill, and other activities closely tied to our long-term goals and ambitions. When we face each of these objectives, we recognize their importance, but it is also clear to us how incredibly easy it is to put them off until another day when we’re not as busy fighting fires and dealing with a constant flow of new to-do’s.

As said, we want to stretch a hand and say, follow this path. We did see success on it. Come see for yourself.

The promise you must make to yourself; You must give it your best. Nothing can happen if you don’t give your best.

We have to interact, you have to be eager to learn and follow instruction to the latter. Unless you do that, success will run away from you.

In Conclusion:

Times is changing, structures is changing.. with set goals and targets you will accomplish your goals. Long term goals, may not happen over night but with determination and perseverance this may be your greatest fuel injection. In the beginning progress may seem slow but with assured excessive guidance,  you are on your way to great attainments.

I would never ask off you to do what I do, unless you see it fit to do it. I would rather ask, follow your heart. Look deep inside you and ask yourself if it’s for you. However, if you see it fit to be part of what we do. Let us help you. Be part of the all and study the path. There are many who followed it that had great success on it. Some surpassed those who introduced them to it. You can be one of them.

What you choose will determine your outcome.

I wish you more than enough…

Happy journey to your land of more than enough….

James J.

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