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My Story

Welcome to my world of business
I am a Networker,
Normal, Crypto,
Knowing that business cannot survive if we don’t help others to succeed.
Active and passive income,
You can do it all.
I can show you how we are doing it,
All you need, Follow the path…


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My Story

James Booysen

  • Yes, you can do this business from anywhere, on your smartphone.
  • ​​​​Yes, you don’t need any technical skills to do this business.
  • Yes, you will get all the help needed to succeed in this business.

I don’t give any guarantees, nor am I in any position to give Financial advice.
You must do your own Due diligence. Don’t invest what you cannot afford to lose.
Some off the platforms are risky, chances are that you can lose your money. Well, I’m doing it, the ball is in your court!!

“To make it in this business, you need a great mentor. And you have one in James Booysen”

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